The Need to Write

Deciding what subjects to cover when you homeschool is daunting—to say the least. It is not a static decision either. What you choose to use today, you might add to or delete tomorrow. What works for child #1 may not have a chance with child #2. This one may adore algebra, while this one may run screaming in the opposite direction at the very thought. One child might turn everything in the refrigerator into a gourmet meal; another may use it all for a science experiment.

One subject that virtually all types of homeschooling curriculum include is some type of writing. Some kids may be thrilled with this, while others—not so much. In fact, while some kids may love writing (this would be my two daughters), others may have to be coerced to pick up a pen just to sign their names (this would be my two sons). Whether writing comes “naturally” or not to your kids, it is a skill that they are going to need today, tomorrow, and the rest of their lives, so including it in your lessons is important. (Please note: by writing, I mean composing, not penmanship as we know that keyboards are replacing pens and pencils.)

Write, Write, Everywhere

Writing is a skill that pops up in almost every aspect of personal life, and in virtually all professions. The ability to put together grammatical sentences, with varied vocabulary, correct capitalization, and proper punctuation in order to persuade someone, explain an idea, or tell a story may not be common in texts or instant messages (sigh), but they are still essential. If your kids remain unconvinced of this (Say it with me, “Really!? WHEN am I ever going to use THIS?”), remind them that their futures will most likely include:

  • Filling out job applications
  • Writing college essays
  • Responding to writing prompts
  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing research papers and book reports
  • Responding to business-related emails and memos

Being able to do this professionally will go a long way to making a good impression on the people your kids likely want to impress (teachers, bosses, coworkers, admissions people, etc.)

This blog will focus on ways to make writing easier and more fun for you and your kids. We will discuss how to make lessons relevant and how to deal with the child who shudders at the idea of writing. We will also look at a variety of home education topics such as dealing with standardized tests, coping with different learning styles, finding ways to cut homeschooling costs, and profiling some fascinating and innovative young homeschoolers.

If there is a topic you would like to see here, please feel free to email it to I welcome your thoughts, feedback, ideas, and suggestions. In the meantime, write on!

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