How to Write an Ebook – Quickly and Easily


There’s no mistaking the fact that ebooks, especially self-published ones, are a big part of business these days. Creating a book that you can sell or give away to your clients is an excellent way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Learning how to write an ebook is surprisingly simple, especially if you use ebook software and/or an ebook template to help you out.

What is an Ebook?

Before we get into how to write an ebook, it’s a good idea to understand what it is. At its most basic form, it is an electronic version of a book. Since it is to be read on a computer, tablet or even a telephone, it’s a good idea to keep it easy to read and in a font that works on multiple platforms.

Getting Started: Your Idea

The very first thing you need when it comes to writing any kind of book is an idea. This can be anything, really, but if you are aiming to establish yourself as an authority and gain interest in your business, look to resolve problems.

Does your ideal client have a specific issue that you can solve? What do people ask you about most? These are the topics that will be most likely to help your readers. Once you have an idea, you can start building your outline.

The outline doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need to organize the ideas you want to convey in the book. For example, you might create each chapter as one step in the process you are teaching, or write a chapter on the history, present and future of your topic.

Using Ebook Software

While you can write in any word processor, the book will need to be properly formatted for distribution. Unless you know exactly how to do that, it can be quite the learning curve. For many people ebook software is the best option.

Ebook software offers a number of benefits, including easy use. Ideally, the software you choose will include an ebook template to make your job even simpler. The template will literally guide you through each chapter of the book until you have a complete ebook that is ready to sell.

Writing Your Book with an Ebook Template

Now that you have an idea and the software, it’s time to start filling in that template. Most will offer specific seed text that you can either alter or replace with your own words. You’ll want to map out the chapters ahead of time, to be sure your information flows.

Begin with an introduction to explain who you are to write the book and what people can expect to learn when they read it. From there, you’ll want to move steadily through the information you want to convey. The actual order of this will depend on your industry and what you want people to know.

Now that you understand how to write an ebook, it’s time to get started on your own. Come up with an idea and an outline and start writing.

What are some ways you’ve written an ebook efficiently?            


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