How to Write a Blog: Helpful Doa��s and Dona��ts

Writing an informative and interesting blog is fun and worthwhile. adidas stan smith Pas Cher However, if you are starting out, consider these tips on how to write a blog: helpful doa��s and dona��ts. DOa��s: Find your focus, determine your target readers and create a niche. Do you love technology, dancing or winemaking? If you do and write about it, your readers will want to read about it, too.

  • Write attention-grabbing blog titles and youa��ll have your readersa�� eager to read your posts.
  • Try using these handy templates if you need help organizing your content. air jordan 11 nike air max pas cher Organizing your copy into digestible, understandable blocks of info keeps your readers engaged. adidas Templates let you set up different types of blogs, including advice, suggestions and tips pertaining to your niche.
  • Be yourself. Your followers are reading your blog because they like your content. timberland homme Adidas soldes Let them enjoy your voice and the personality behind it.
  • Keep your copy fresh by using action verbs to begin sentences as often as possible. louboutin paris Keep your sentences short and paragraphs shorter. nike air max command Format your copy in bulleted lists, use subheadings or insert tables and infographics.
  • Insert images, but be careful when doing so from internet sources. There are some rules and these suggestions can keep you on track and out of trouble.
  • Set realistic goals for posting your blog. Posting every day may become a burden if youa��re not prepared, so start slowly and work up to realistic capabilities that fit your lifestyle.


  • Limit your word count, but make every word count. cheap bns gold In other words, while blogs of 500 words or more are attractive to search engines and readers, filling your important thoughts with fluffy or awkward language just to meet a certain word count is not.
  • Make spelling or grammatical mistakes. louboutin chaussures Web readers are more lenient than say, an English professor, but silly mistakes can detract from what you have to say. nike air max command soldes Check a reliable online dictionary when in doubt. Reading your copy out loud before hitting a�?submita�? helps you recognize clunky sentence structure and other errors.

Once youa��ve found your niche and gathered readers, step out of your comfort zone occasionally and share an infographic about your topic, solicit personal stories or invite a guest blogger.

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