5 Types of Blogs that Fill the Blogosphere

Blogs are everywhere. Over 2 million blog posts are written everyday. They’re one of the most popular ways to learn about anything, from cooking to construction to creating lighting for movies and videos. They’re a gateway to the mind of experts, and they give bloggers a chance to share their expertise to those willing to learn. Here are 5 types of blogs that you’ll encounter most frequently:

1) List Blog

List blogs are super popular due to their eye catching headlines and short, brief points. People are busy and have a tendency to skip embellished articles for ones that are short and deliver the message to them quickly. “The 7 Things You Didn’t Know About the Heart” is a prime example, where a quick subheadline and an even quicker fact will inform readers in posts that are sometimes shorter than 500 words.

2) Opinion Blog

Opinions are hard to curb, especially on hot topics in politics and social reform. In lieu of a news blog, these can spread the word but from a personal point of view.

3) Story Blog

Storytelling is an art, and those blessed with it know how to display a story’s message to the world. A narrative blog may be a virtual book of sorts that includes videos, pictures, and archives of backstory to expand a reader’s knowledge of a fictional universe.

4) Press Releases

Almost every company has a blog online that is used to relay information to customers about recalls, new product releases, address incidents in stores, and discuss the growth of the business.

5) News Blog

These require a lot of work and a person with a nose for news. News blogs are a challenge, requiring writers to spit out the newest news as soon as it happens.

There are examples of each of these all across the Internet. If you’re looking to start a blog of your own, don’t be afraid to use your favorite as an example. Chances are if it’s successful, they’re doing something right to continue being so.

What are other types of blogs that you’ve seen or written?

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