5 Reasons to Write an eBook

When it comes to progressing your career as a writer, it’s not exactly easy to identify and decide which opportunities to take. Sometimes you want to stop jumping from odd-job to odd-job and put together something bigger. The process of getting a physical book published and available to a mass market is rigorous, but the ebook alternative is more approachable than you think. Here’s five reasons to write an ebook as your next outing.

1. You Can do it on Your Own

No need to strike up publishing deals beforehand or establish mutual interests in content with sellers, you have both creative and logistic freedom. You can start writing your ebook whenever you want, about whatever you want. And once you’re ready to release it:

2. There Are Plenty of Markets to Sell At

You have a ton of options for selling your ebook. The biggest marketplace is of course Amazon, where you’ll get a pretty large cut of royalties from sales. Another site is PayLoadz, which has a monthly fee, and if you’re looking for alternative ways of getting your content out, Free-Ebooks will host your book for free and you can ask for donations from readers.

3. You Can Sell it Yourself

Of course you can always just sell the book on your own in addition to the larger marketplaces. This can be right off of your own website or blog, and this helps to draw readers to the rest of your work.

4. Low Investment Means Low Risk

The writing is free and only takes your time. Your only real expenses will be towards getting your book on marketplaces, and they’ll be minimal. With less financial investment making a profit is easier, and there’s less risk towards losing money.

5. It’s a Simple, Cheap Way to Get Your Work Seen (And Sold)

You understand how easy and cheap it is to get your ebook written and sold. It should come as no surprise that this is one of the best ways to get work out quickly and efficiently. This doesn’t just mean more people will see your work, it means more people will pay for your work.

Make sure you always keep the ebook option on your mind. It’s a great stepping stone towards larger publishing deals, or a good and quick project during dead times.

What do you think? What are some other reasons to write and publish an ebook?

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