4 Tips to Start Writing Your Novel

So you want to write a novel? The only way to see this dream come to life is to commence with the writing. The following tips are a great starting point to begin writing your novel and will help you see your novel through to its nail-biting conclusion.

1. Begin With Your Character

Every great novel tells the story of a character and the events that take place in his/her life. Make your character flawed and believable. Imagine this character as a real person, and let their journey influence your writing. Allow the character to surprise you and delight you. A flat character will leave your reader’s lacking interest in the character’s story, so make your character a person you would want to meet.

2. Give the Character a Compelling Problem

The key to creative writing is bringing a fresh take to a topic that has been written about before. The problem you present to your character has to challenge, torment, and drive them to action. The character must face a conflict in order to grow, so allow your writing to address the conflict in a way that will engage your reader’s, and keep them turning pages to see how the conflict does or does not get resolved.

3. Make Things Happen and Make Them Believable

The only way to get your novel to flow is creating a plot that continuously moves. Create scenes that have action, and disperse them between scenes that are a bit more stagnant. Keep your characters busy so the readers maintain their engagement. It is also important to make the story believable. If you choose to write about fantasy, give the back story and explain why the mythical creatures in your novel exist. Force your main character to resolve their own problems, without random help showing up at the end of the book. Readers want to relate to the story you are trying to tell; help them reach this point by telling them an honest and compelling story.

4. Write the Story You Want to Read

This is the most important step in beginning your novel. Think about your favorite novel or short story. What about it interests you? How does the language of the book speak to your heart? What genre is it? List out all the things you love and pursue a subject that excites you.
No matter how you begin the process of writing a novel, these 4 tips are the perfect starting point to help you with your outline. The best tip for starting a novel, however, is to sit down, start writing, and don’t stop!

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